Owl and Moon baby blanket

stst:stockinette stitch knit 1 row purl 1 row
reverse stst: purl all rs rows knit all ws rows
garter:knit all rows
k-A/p-A:knit across/purl across
the 10 sts on either end that are garter st are not included in the pattern.
c2f:cable 2sts holding 1 infront
c2b:cable 2 sts holding 1 in back

I used :

Handicrafters ultrasoft cotton 710 yrds in skein (I think I used a little more than half)

5mm 40" circular knitting needles
24" wide x 24"

gague= 6rows/inch 4.5 sts/inch stst

for the moon to turn out right the gague has to match or should I haven't tried it at other gague


co 101
garter 15 rows
10 sts either side are garter st center 81 sts are stst for 12 rows (the garter edge isn't included in the pattern but still exists continue with the 10 sts of garter on either side)

row 1:(RS) k3 p1 k5 p1 k-A(61) p1 k5 p1 k3
row 2:(ws) p3 k1 p5 k1 P-A(61) k1 p5 k1 p3 (this line fixed 09/01/15)
row 3:(rs) k3, p1, c2f, k1, c2b, p1 (do same on other end)

row 4:rep row 2
row 5: k3, p1, c2b, k1, c2f, p1
row 6-10: rep row 2 and 1 ending with row 2 (3 rows)
row 11: rep row 5
row 12: (ws) p3 *k1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1 k1* p-A(to edge of cabling)rep from * to * once p3
row 13: k3 *p1 k1 p3 k1 p1* k-A(to edge of cabling)rep from * to * once k3
row 14: rep row 2
row 15:rep row 5
row 16-34: stst(19 rows)

use moon chart(moon 26 sts across) chart is worked from the bottom up starting from
left to right, and on all odd rows; from right to left on all even rows. black sts are
stst grey sts are reverse stst

rep rows 16-33(18 ROWS end with finished ws row)(115 rows complete)
rep rows 1-15
12 rows stst
15 rows garter st (157 total rows)
BO weave in (: