please read all instructions first


chain 68 sts

sc 35 rounds

row 36: sc2tog sc 30 sc2tog finish round sc

sc round

sc4 place marker in third sts, place marker 11 sts from first, 13 sts from first and, 25 sts from first

sc 12 sts from first (including st #2 marker is in)

chain 1 sc1 sc2tog sc to last 3 sc2tog, sc1 turn

rep to 6 sts

ch1,sc1,sc2tog, sc across(decrease on center chest side{near marker #2})

ch1,sc1, sc2tog, sc across(decrease on center chest side{near marker #2} (4 sts)

ch1,sc both sides 6 rows cut weave in

remove 2nd place marker (left of arm strap) rs facing

move first pm 3 sts back (to right of where it is) rs facing

number from right to left 1,2 and,3

reattatch: put hook through st that has marker#1 make slip knot pull through pull st through second st with yarn and tail held together, finish sc st with only one strand

sc from m#1 to m#2(through marker 3) turn

turn chain 1 sc1 sc2tog sc to last 3 sc2tog, sc1 turn

rep to 6 sts

ch1, sc across,sc2tog,sc1(dec. on center chest side{near marker 2})

ch1, sc across, sc2tog,sc1(dec. on center chest side {near marker 2} (4 sts)

ch1,sc both sides 6 rows cut weave in

back: (marker #3 is in the wrong place now) fold in half with the v of the neck creased and the straps lined up remove m#3 and pm across from m#1. #3 is now #2.

attatch yarn same as before pull slip knot through st right of m#2 Sc to m#1 turn

*ch1 sc1, sc2tog, sc arcoss except 3, sc2tog, sc1 turn* rep 4x more (total of 5x)(22 sts)

ch1, sc1, sc2tog, sc2, sc 2tog 8x, sc2, sc2tog, sc1

turn ch1, sc 4 ,sc2tog across 4x, sc4

*ch1,sc4* rep 6x

sc2tog (one form back strap one from front, pick up one st. on the side to pull edges together)turn inside out so seam is on the inside

reattatch yarn on 4 sts(pull slip knot through st on the right of 4 on the end))


weave in all ends